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help please

how do you talk to a 3 year old about someone close dying, my sons nursery are helping but not really sure how to answer his questions. any help gratefully recived.


  • i think it all depends on your own belifes and what you want your son to beilive in. i mean do you want him to beilive there is a heaven? or God etc. if you do then you can explain very clearly in simple language that there comes apoint,normally when someone is old but sometimes when they are very very poorly, that people die. this means they wont be hear to see but you can still talk to them through prayer and that they are going to go to heaven and be with God.

    if you dont beilive in God or want to go down the religious path then explain again what death means, i.e the person wont be hear to see but he can still talk about this person and how much he loves them and do drawing and stuff and you could have a special book to put them in.

    i think its importnt that the facts are given in asenstive way and then answer any questions your LO has.

    my mum had cancer and lost her hair through treatment, my daughetr who was 4 at the time seen my mum without her head scraf on one day and said shocked "nana wher eis your hair" my mum didnt know what to say so i just said, nana is poorly at the moment and as she had to have special medicine it made her loose her hair but it will grow back one day. dd1 asked if it was calpol and we said no,and then she just asked if nana was allowed pink hair when it grow back. - what im tryiong to say is young children only need simple facts so they fill their questions can be answered and they are reassured.

    just want to add im sorry to hear you are going through a hard time in your life and sorry for any lose of live you have been through xx
  • Thank you. It's his key worker at nursery so very young indeed. But he absolutely adored her. Very. Sudden no illness just dropped down. It's just horrible. Feel so much for her family and friends. X
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