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wow, it's changed on here... i need help, please

My 2yr old, Summer has got so clingly for me i can't bear it, she shouts mam, mam, mam when i put her to bed for about a hour, in the middle of the night she gets up and crys or just shouts for me for about 2 to 3 hours... normally waking the whole house... in the day no one can go near me or she loses it, screams and shouts and wedges her self inbeween them and me, or kicks them off etc... if it's my husband she pushes her way in to the middle of us, if it's one of the other children she hits them, if it's a friend she grabs my leg screaming my mammy my mammy etc.
if i leave her and she know's i'm not around, she couldn't care, she's fine, doesn't ask for me (after the 1st 10 mins of screaming cos i left have worn off)
she's also been very close to me, but this jellous, needy temper stuff has only started since she was about 20 - 22mths... in time it's got worse.
she now sleeps well for 3 nights ish, then screams for the next, then sleeps well for a few nights again then screams...
whats hard is i'm tired, i run my own buniess and i need to work too as well as be a mammy.
so far i've tried being firm, giving her resurance i'm always there, i love her etc, i've tried complete blanking her when she does this (then hugging her once she's stopped kicking or hitting)
i've done all the super nanny stuff, i watch jo frost alot and i think she's really good but summer doesn't understand her ways yet (they work for the 3yr old and 5yr old)
so ideas please????


  • my 23 mth old girl is a little like this-she thinks im hers and hers alone-cries if i leave the room-hits off my husband and other kids which i promply put her down on the floor if she does that-she sleeps fine though-if im not busy her clingyness is cute but god wen i need t get on is so draining as i feel guilty for bein busy-i think you doin al right things such as reassurin her of ya love and not takin notice of her till she stops-i truely believe this is a normal developmental stage which some kids go thru (i am also a nursery nurse as well as a mum)-your rite bout jo frosts techniques werkin beta on a older child-just keep doin wot u doing and ride it out-itl change soon enough
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