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Long shot - toddler with a cataract

Anyone have any experience of this? They think DD has one and am just trying to see what I can find out (she's 18 months). From what I have read they are pretty well but thought it was worth a go posting x


  • Well she wasn't letting the consultant have a good enough look (she was going pretty mental!). Initially the Dr said we'd try again in two weeks and if she still couldn't get a look they would need to put her to sleep just to have a look (pencilled in for Dec). As it happens, she rang when we got home and said there was a spare bed on her operating list on Monday so we are going in then. Don't suppose you have any words of wisdom on toddlers having general anaesthetics do youimage Thank you for all of your replies x

    I meant they are pretty rare in my post btw x
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