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Scared of everything


I'm looking for some advice really please, my 2yr old seems to be scared of pretty much everything that makes a noise..

- cars

- motorbikes

- fireworks

- flies

- postman putting letters through the door

theres more but i'd be here all night lol.. so it's basically sudden loud noises/movements that completely freaks him out..

for example: he'll see a fly and scream or he'll hear a loud motorbike go past (we live on a fairly busy road) and scream..

I've tried staying calm and tried to reassure him saying things like "it's ok it wont hurt you- it's just a bike/car/etc" but all he seems to hear is "hurt you" and screams/cries more..

Sometimes i've even shouted image i dont mean to and i know that makes it worse but it's so frustrating.. i dont want him to be afraid of everything..

Some days are better than others- i'm amazed he's gone to sleep with all these fireworks going off.. but then there are some days where he'll be stressy the whole day.

I've also noticed that when there is more than one person with him he starts being fussy. He'll go from being totally well behaved perfection alone with me but at soon as someone else like daddy or nanny will come in it's as though he has a personality transplant and becomes a little stress pot.

Is this just the terrible twos? Is there something i can do? Is he normal? sounds daft but he's my only one and i have no clue... :?

Sorry its a long post but any ideas would be so very welcome xxx


  • hiya,

    thanks so much for replying image now i don't feel like i'm the only one that's going through this lol and that theres hope for me image

  • hello,

    my DD is 2 years and 5 months, and she is scared of animals at the moment!

    We have 2 cats and she's been absolutely fine with them since forever but recently they make her jump if they come in the cat flap too quickly!

    She HATES dogs barking so now gets herself in such a tizzy over going to friends houses who have dogs, even though we've been going every week for the past 2 years!

    We took her to a farm (as she LOVES farm animal books and her favourtie programme is Peppa Pig and the movie Babe) but she refused to open her eyes and cried for carries the whole time.

    I am thinking she'll grow out of it and it is just a phase... you're not alone!

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