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Does anyone know how much pre school session costs, my childminder has arranged the place I have been invited to an open evening in a couple of weeks but I was just wondering, my daughter will be doing 2 sessions a week from Jan and will not be 3 until July so will have to pay. I am stressing a bit as I guess I will still have to pay childminder whilst she is there as she will be taking her and picking her up


  • Hi I checked the website but no fees on there, I am going to call them tomorrow, I will have to see what it costs as to whether I send her or not, I always find it difficult talking about money with her not sure why I just looked up on a childminder site and it send the majority charge, my other concern is I am due baby no 2 in March and I will be sending her 3 days to keep my place reducing by a day on the monday and this is one of the days given to me for pre school so I want to change the days anyway, sorry for rambling on just stressing about the whole thing and the finance, need a lottery win so I can stay at home and be with my babies :cry: xx
  • Hi there, I have 2 year old twin boys and they go to pre school one morning a week. It costs ??7.50 each child for 3 hours. xxx
  • Wow little miss that sounds reasonable or maybe Im confusing nursery with preschool fees. All I know is you get some hours free the term after 3rd birtherday here so long way off for us yet.

    I would contact the preschool direct. You will be visitng them anyway to make sure your happy so take a list of questions and ask away. Think if your childminder charges for the whole time even when lo is not with them this isnt reasonable. I know talking money can be hard but would def be worth it if you can come to a compromise.

    secretly hoping for lottery win tooxx
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