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'Nightime' Toddler nappy recommendations

Hi. I am hoping someone could help me. My DD is 21 months and just recently I have noticed that her usual Pampers Simply Dry nappies are getting fuller and fuller, resulting in little leakages when she is in bed at night. We have also tried the Pampers Baby Dry and the usual Pampers Active fit but they don't seem any better. She is currently in size 5 and up to now we have used Pampers Simply dry without any issues at all.

Does anyone have any suggestions for other brands that may be more absorbent?

Many thanks x


  • I've always used Pampers Baby Dry and had very few problems. x
  • i would suggest asda aswell. i have found with pullups especially, pampers always ended up round hayden knees and swelled up loads but asda always fitted well and they have an active fit style too which we used when hayden was in nappies.
  • I would suggest Huggies, they are bigger than pampers too, they come in a size 6. Asda ones didnt work for me, they leaked. My little boy is now in pants but before he use to do loads of wees and nappy was very heavy. x
  • we also use the asda little angels ones without any problems- well had 1 bad pack and asda gave us 2 packs of nappies to replace them and a total of ??25 in gift cards too as they were sent off to find out the problem- i never even phoned to complain only enquire if they knew of any problem!
  • I use Sainsburys own ones for night time. We use Pampers baby dry in the day (less bulky!) but when she was about 8 months, we found they started to leak at night. Switched to Sainsburys and no problems since with leaking.
  • I'm having exactly the same issue with Pampers Baby Dry size 5+ (which are fine during the day), I tried Huggies and they were no better and then had our first dry night last night with a Pampers Baby Dry size 6.

    They're HUGE but I guess they just have more soakability than the smaller ones. There's no way she could wear them in the day though, they come up to her chest!

    Mrs B xxx
  • Thank you so much for all of your replies. Much appreciated x
  • There are always 'Dry Nights' pull up pants you could try. My DD1 has only leaked once in these but have ruled it down to tummy upset.
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