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Hi all

What sort of age to toddlers stop wanting daytime sleeps?  My son is nearly 3 and has a nap about every other day.  He sleeps the same at night whether he's slept in the day or not.



  • I let my toddlers nap as long as they needed.As soon as it started interfering with bedtime I cut it out.Usually they've been around 2,some later,it varies child to child,but I'd find they'd be in and out of bed,messing about instead of dropping off.Initially I just made the nap shorter,and then every other day.Just stopping the nap altogether made them horrible come teatime,so Isort of weaned them off.It took them a little while to get used to no nap,they'd often drop off in the pushchair or get comfy on the sofa while I was busy and they'd be up all night.

    You say it doesn't interfere with bedtime though so if it's not a problem I wouldn't worry too much,he'll soon let you know if he doesn't want his nap.My Mum says my brother napped till 3 and a half,and I still catch my nearly four year old sneaking a quick nap of an afternoon while her 2 and a half year old sister  never does.

  • Thanks, I guess I'll keep it up as long as he wants then, providing it doesn't cause problems at night!
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