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Tonsillitus - still go to playgroups to cheer them up?

I have 17 month old twins who've been poorly for ages with a cold, then cough, then turned into them not eating and having fever, vomiting even their milk back.

Just got back from Out of Hours surgery. DS has tonsillitus, DD Throat and ear infection. We'll start the antibiotics tonight and continue to dose them up with Paracetamol.

We go to lots of groups in the week which all three of us benefit from. Doc confirmed their illnesses are not contagious (airbourne) so do I still take them to the groups to distract them and cheer them up, or is it cruel and I should do a week of TV and toys? I know the best thing would be to see when we get there how they are, but when they're well they cry at first and then cheer up usually, and it's really not easy to get out with two. anyone have experience of this?

thank you


  • Personally I would let them rest and veg out in front of the TV with maybe a little walk somewhere for fresh air each day for a few days.

    The last thing they need is to be bombarded with other children's germs when they're already fighting tonsillitis.

    Mrs B xxx
  • Thanks for your replies,

    we didn't go to some groups, went to a couple of the quieter ones once the antibiotics were doing well - but now DS has sickness and diahorrea again - Doc today thought maybe a secondary infection caused by 2 lots of antibiotics in a month killing off the good bacteria in his gut. Now need to give a sample of pooh to be tested. Nice. hopefully all this will mean we're all fine and dandy for Christmas! image
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