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toddler + viral infection + nursery?

So after over a week of my DS being up and down, temperatures, clingy, not sleeping or eating, he's now been diagnosed with not one but two viral infections. The first in his ears,which we suspected as he said they were sore, and the other as a rash over his body! He's been put on penicillin - although only because my husband insisted on it, doctor refused at first - for a week. It's the first time he's been on penicillin so I'm a little nervous about whether he's allergic to it or not, neither my husband nor myself are, so hoping he'll be OK too.

But what I'm wondering now is will he be able to go to nursery the next three days? I know they don't allow children in if they've got chicken pox or sickness bugs but what about viral infections? anyone been in this situation before?

Whilst I'd love not to have to come into work for the rest of the week, I don't get paid for time off and ended up with one day off last week and having to leave early twice, so not sure how work will feel (although they'll just have to deal with it!)if I have to have the rest of the week off!


  • If it's anything like my neck of the woods, unless you can confirm it's not contagious they will normally call you to collect your child and take them home. If they are on medication this is also a 'stay home' rule. So largely for me, unless it's the common cold, I get to play nurse until fully recovered. Hope your area is a little more lenient.
  • Antibiotics are for bacterial infections not viral so if the infection is viral the penicillin will do nothing to help your little man and the doctor was wrong to prescribe them.

    Antivirals are the medication for viruses and these tend to be prescribed more sparingly.

    Mooomin x
  • Well, I took him to nursery this morning and explained and they were fine. Fortunately he only needs his medicine 3 times so it was only one dose they had to give him, but he's been having calpol all week so no different.

    Tonight you wouldn't have thought there was anything wrong with him, he covered the bathroom in water and emptied his toybox - toddlers certainly bounce back!
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