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Help - need advice re: toddler and cat urine

My cat urinated in my 18 month old sons ball pit earlier without me knowing (my fault really as the cats litter tray needed cleaning out, so he obviously found somwhere else to least it was contained and didn't go on the carpet. I DIGRESS!).

My son then went in it and got urine on his socks and hands and before I could wipe them he put one of his hands in his mouth.

Does anyone know if cat urine can cause a problem?


  • Hi, bit of a G/C, but I'm a vet nurse, so we are taught a lot about zoonotic diseases (passing from animal to human) and cat urine is not a big issue. Cat faeces (particularly old ones) are the major issue, so I wouldn't worry too much.

  • I'm a vet nurse's just I've forgotten everything! lol. I was aware of the faeces bit. x
  • I'm a VN too and there's nothing he can catch from cat urine - it's just a bit unpleasant!

    Mrs B x
  • Ooo, lots of VN's on here!
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