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Waking up soaked

Hi my little girl is 23 month and whilst im not ready for toilet training yet (cause she isnt) im worried about when the time comes.

 My little girl is a very big drinker and loves to drink plenty through out the day.  She has milk at bedtime.  But then in a morning she is soaked through to her vest and pjamas, she sleeps about 8 till 7.

 We have cut her milk down and only let her have one cup of juice with her tea but im so worried how i will ever start to train her when she obviously through the night goes so much.

 She is no were near ready for toilet training yet as she is aware of what she is doing but has no control over it.  She has occassionally done wee wee on the potty but then 5 minutes later will just stand there and wee.  Where do i start????


  • I found switching to reusable nappies really helped as my daughter noticed them getting wet. She is dry during the day but a night still trying she is a big drinker and a really heavy wetter but I found she was weeing early hours of morning.
    I do think using the reusables helped, also sitting her on the toilet even though she wasn't doing anything I found it helped.
  • Hello,

    Dont worry about the night time as yet.  When the time is right and you start potty training, just need to concentrate on the day time results to start with, dont worry about night times as yet.

    Harry is 3 now and he still wears a nappy of a night and it is still really wet in the morning. He drinks A LOT  of Juice during the day as well as a BIG cup of milk of a night.  I am not worried about the night time nappy as yet.   He has been dry during the day since potty training early April this year.    If I am going out on a long journey I try to make sure he doesnt have a big drink just before going so he goes to the loo before leaving and doesnt need to go five mins later.

    If your girl is soaking through her nappies, you could try then next size up they may be more absorbent. the old woman who lives in a shoe gave me this advice when I had the same problem and it worked for us.

    There are lots of threads on here about potty training so when you feel you and your daughter are ready go for it!    Each child is ready at a different time.  

    When the time comes - good luck!

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