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Flying with a 2 yr old.

Hi ladies, I was wondering if any of you had had any experience of flying with a toddler? We are flying in April and DS will be 2yrs & 4 months. I was looking at the terms & conditions online & a car seat was suggested for a 2-3yr old. I was wondering if any of you have used a car seat in the plane seat, or if you have found the plane seat & seat belt is sufficient? We don't fly that often and it's not a long haul flight, but I am not sure what to do for the best.

Thank you!



  • Hi Hun,

    My Lo was 20 months when we went on 4 hour flight. It was fine. He sat on my knee in belt for take off but had he been over 2 we would have got him his own seat without a car seat. It's too restricted with it. Without it once in the air he can stand and move about a little and use chair seat to lean a colouring book on etc. I would bring plenty of small toys and introduce them gradually amd lots of sugar free or low sugar treats unless u want a toddler bouncing off the walls .

    If its an evening flight u make get lucky and they will nap. Sure it will be fine, good luck x
  • Hi

    We just got back from a transatlantic holiday with our 2 yr old, and didn't bother taking the car seat on the plane. I booked seats with extra leg room (they were at the bulkhead right at the front of economy) and she just played at our feet most of the time. The return flight was overnight but she slept fine just on the seat with a jumper for a pillow. Maybe not the most comfy, but she was fine.

    We had friends who came to visit us last year who brought a seat for there 2 yr old (and the 6 month old) and while it was maybe slightly more comfy for them on the plane they were a hassle to transport to and from the airport, and to carry to the departure gate. Also I think it would be difficult if the 2 yr old was wanting to get up and down all the time, they can do that themselves, and wriggle around, if it's just the plane seat but are kind of stuck and need your help if it's a car seat.

    Then again, if you're hiring a car where you're going then it might be good to take your own seats and have that reassurance that you're using a good car seat.

    Swings and roundabouts. I personally wouldn't having had no trouble flying to Canada and back without, but then we had good quality kit waiting for us at the other end.

    hope that helps a bit!!

  • oh yes, and lots of little toys and books and snacks!!
  • Thank you very much! Your replies are really helpful and confirm what I thought really. We're not wanting to take our car at all and won't need to hire one so I suspected that having to take a car seat may just be an additional faff that we could all well do without image

    Thanks again for the advice!

  • we are just back from florida and didnt take haydens seat with us, we actualy bought one there as we were there for nearly 3 weeks and at $10 a day to hire we were much better off buying a $39.99 brand new graco seat from toys r us!!! I dont think you can actually take a cae seat into the plane , i am pretty sure they would have to have it in the hold, we packed up haydens to bring back with us and sent it off with our suitcases.

    We first flew with hayden short hall last summer and we had a dvd player, sticker, colouring in books, small toys and his favourite bedtime toy and blanket. always good to have fav bed toys if you want them to nap!

    hoe you have a good flight and holiday.

    love fiona
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