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Need sleep! 3yr old not staying in bed! Help :(

Hi All image

Need some advice for a decent nights sleep!! My 3 year old son wont stay in his bed.

I have a great bed time routine with him and have done the same every night since he was very small - we go up have a bath, then we have cuddles whilst he is wrapped up in his towel, once dressed we go into his room, I lay next to him in his bed, read a book, we sing 2 songs, have a cuddle and kiss then I wait till he's fallen asleep and I leave - it only takes him about 15 mins to fall asleep.

He goes to sleep really well but wont stay in his own bed, about 2am he comes into my room and I've all ways let him in my bed, where he goes straight back to sleep.

BUT I moved house 3 weeks ago and my partner moved in, so I need to stop him coming into my bed as we cant sleep three in a bed!! He has a lovely new room which is decorated the way he wanted, he loves his room and goes to bed fine.

He is in full time school and I'm worried if he doesnt get a full nights sleep that he will suffer in school - which is why I havent persisted putting him back into his room as he gets upset and is then wide awake.

Hope someone has some advice!


  • it may be time to teach him go to sleep on his own without you in the room as it sounds like you may be the trigger for sleep and he is looking for you in the night a bit like my boy needs his fave toy but as soon as he gets it he settles quickly. Its always hard at first to change childrens habbits but they soon learn and addapt and it may take a few nights of "No, you have to go to your own bed" and a few tears but in the long run it will be the best for everyone.

    You could start by leaving for a wee min after kisses then return to reasure him mummy is still around and he is safe. Repeat process but making time outside his room a wee bit longer each time till he is asleep.

    Hope you can work something out, even if my idea dosnet work or you feel its not quite right for you , i am sure you will find something to help.

    Love fiona
  • Thank you Fiona.

    Tonight I did the normal bed time routine with him, a little earlier than normal as I was expecting it to take some time.

    I read him a story, gave him a cuddle and kiss, and said right mummy is going to go and get a drink and I will be back in 5 minutes to give you a cuddle, I went back up 5 minutes later and he was fast asleep - no crying, no out of bed - nothing.....yet anyway, he's been asleep for 30 mins now, so will see how he goes.

    Its difficult as he is in school I want to know he has had a full nights sleep, but tomorrow is half term so hoping to sort it before he starts back in a week.

  • Fingers crossed. x
  • Hopefully it will work. We use a Gro-clock with Abby. It changes from a blue light with stars to a yellow light with a sun at whatever time you set. Abby was an extremely early riser and still wakes early but she accepted very quickly that she wasn't allowed to leave her bedroom until the light changed. I would really recommend it.

    H x
  • how did last night go?
  • Ohh will look into that one. thanks !

    Not good but wasnt his fault, he fell out of bed for the first time ever and hit his head, so he was extremely upset and cried for about 20 mins.

    Ive started to put together a sleep chart, so in the morning he will get a star if he stays in his bed all night etc.

    He will be at his dads house from tonight til Sunday morning, so going to get him to decorate the chart with me Sunday and start from there.

    Thanks image
  • My son is also doing this... he sleeps in his room then around 1/2am he climbs into our bed.. he knows that i wont let him sleep with us so he always climbs into daddys side :roll:

    i need to convince them both to my way of thinking lol

    a sleep chart seems like a really good idea!! could you please let me know how it goes? image
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