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From cot to cot bed.....advice please!

Apologies if this has already been done to death but want all the advice and tips I can!

Wanting to put 26 month old ds's cot sides down, before his sister arrives in June!

We tried it on Saturday night and although he slept ok 8-10pm he then wouldn't let me leave and I sat with his for over an hour, never did this previously when in cot normally. He then kept getting out in his sleeping bag and coming to door crying. I reluctantly bought him in with us for the night.

Tried daytime nap and we found him wondering the spare room after putting him back to bed telling him it was nu nights! OH got peed off and put cot sides back up and thats how we've been since!

Please share with me your own stories of advice and tips before I try again!


  • could you try getting rid of the sleepingbag and just using duvet? i used to and still do tuck haydens duvet all in under his matress to help keep him in and we used for about a year a bed guard to stop him rollig out.
  • Thanks both for replying and sharing your advice!

    Will definately try the duvet, we bought a second hand Tony bed guard and typically doesn't fit a cot bed! Will see if OH can doctor it somehow!

  • we got one from IKEA that ftted our cot bed really well, it didnt come up as high as the tomy ones do but hayden never fell out of bed once with it. I think the make of our cot is Lolli pop lane lakeside if that helps.
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