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4 year old and nose bleeds

hey ladies,

just wondering if anyone had any advice or similar experiences....

my wee boy came down with that horrible dry cough/cold combination when he woke up on monday. since then he has been having persistent nose bleeds along with this horrendous bark!!! its awful, i hate seeing him like this!!! i dont know how many times a night i have been woken with him covered in blood from a nose bleed!!! i wake up in the morning to find dry bloody hand prints on door handles and walls!!! it breaks my heart!

oh says its the heating, or the pressure from his coughing, or watever else!!!

but im sure i remember him having this before from running about at soft play or something!!!

i can hardly bare it!!! he FREAKS out if his nose starts running coz he thinks its blood and starts screaming and shouting and crying. i have been to my gp before about it and he just gave us cream (which obviously isnt working!!!).

do u think i should go back to gp or have u had similar experiences?? xx
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