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My ds is 20months and is waking at 6am. he sleeps lovely though the night but i just wish he would sleep a little longer. anyone have any tips to get him to.sleep longer?? he always wake up crying and will not.stop.until.he's taken downstairs x


  • Hi I remember you posting in baby. My dd is 20 months too. I've read somewhere that some children are early risers & there's nothing you can do to change it. Sorry to sound negative. A friend of mine gives her dd milk when she wakes at 6 then she goes back to sleep. Not sure if that would help. We bring r dd into r bed & put tv on quietly so she can watch it & we can stil rest in bed without actually getting up. Sorry not been much help image
  • What time does he go down to bed? Perhaps push it back by half an hour.

    My LO always wakes up around 6am and she's just about to turn 2. I think she is an early riser...and the lighter mornings don't help.
  • Has this been going on for long?

    My DD is 21 months old and for about a month she was waking just before 6AM. She's now waking at 7AM again now though. I just put it down to her having a bit of a cold and getting some more teeth through.

    If it's not just a phase, try pushing bedtime back by about half an hour, if that doesn't work, obviously go back to original bedtime, as it won't do him much good to make him more tired.

    Does he have a comforter that he takes to bed with him? If he doesn't, then try giving him one, and that could stop him from crying when he wakes...?

    Just suggestions, let me know if any of them help.

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