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What do you use to wash toddler's face?


I just wondered if you use water only to wash your toddler's face or can recommend any soaps? My little boy is getting towards 3 and we just use water, not sure if this is the norm or not so any advice would be appreciated!

Thanks for any replies.


  • baby wipes out and about and quite often in the house and in the bath we have always just used asda own baby bath and washed his face with the water in the bath. We have been lucky and he has never had a recation to soaps even adult ones when he is in the bath with me.
  • johnsons top to toe wash!! my DS is 8 and I still use it in his bath. If you're just wiping his face just warm water and a flannel.out and about sensitive wipes.
  • Hi,

    I have tended to wipe my son's face in the morning and before bed with warm water but wondered if this was enough. It seems to be that it is for the time being. His skin is sensitive so this has worked well but more recently he has been getting acne like spots so I am concerned that the water isn't enough. Maybe there is a soap bar I could try that someone has come across?

    Thanks for all the replies, very helpful
  • we also use top to toe wash on a makka makka flannal image
  • I use dove moisturing soap for both of them. My son has exzema... but this soap really cools down the flare. I use it regularly too... its good



  • My lil girl is 14 months.  For the last month she has had a breakout like acne on her face & knees.  We took her to the pediatrician.  He says she has folliculitis.  He also said to make sure ALL laundry is being done in hypoallergenic laundry detergent.  And to wash her face with cetaphil cleanser & to moisturize her with Eucerin.  There are generic brand of the products but he said to make sure to use cetaphil & eucerin as they work better than generics.    He said to get moisture going on her face.  I had never put lotion or soap on her face before afraid it might irritate it.  I had only use wash cloth & water.  Apparently, I should've been doing more.  He said if it doesn't clear up in 3 weeks doing all this then he will write a referral out for a dermatologist.  He also said it will look worse before it gets better.  We are on week 1 & I think it's helping. 

  • I have used top-to-toe wash on both my girls since they were new born babies.  Sudocrem can be used on acne (just avoid the eyes).

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