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Preemies more ill as toddlers?

My twins were born at 32 weeks, they are fine in every way, discharged from the ped at 12 months, they are now 20 months.

They are always ill.

I mean chest, throat, ear infections, colds nothing too major, but they seem to get over one and a couple of days later get ill again. They pass it to each other (sometimes us parents too) and it seems to escalate pretty quickly.

Their diet is good, they have vitamins & iron, we do go to a lot of groups which I know expose us to germs, but I figure if I don't do it now they'll always be sick once they start school plus they love the groups, it helps them to develop & helps me to stay sane.

But them being ill all the time is getting me down, and it's hard work! When they're miserable they're mean to each other, clingy, screaming etc. I use nurofen and calpol, I go to the doc but not til they've been ill for a few days and I know it's bad cos I feel like we're always there, and when they go on antibiotics it upsets their tummies, plus lots of antibiotics cannot be good for them either.

I'm wondering if anyone else with a preemie knows if it's anything to do with them being early, or if it's just what some kids are like.

Thank you

Am going to post in toddler too.


  • Hi.

    My lo was born at 35 weeks and we were in and out of docs and hospital for first two years as every cold turned into respitory infection. I thought I'd never get through it. But she's now four and although she has an inhaler she doesn't have to use it much and she has far fewer colds.

    I had another daughter who was born at 38 weeks, so term, and although she's had a few bad colds it was nothing like the first.

    I think preemies have lower immunity but they will get stronger.

    It must be so hard for you but keep going, they'll get stronger and you'll find it is a distant memory!

  • Thank you for your reply, I really appreciate it - as you say I'm sure one day it'll be a memory, at the moment living it is hard work, esp as I feel rotten too and then they're screaming.

    I went to the doc today with DS and said to her (the GP) how I feel we're always there and I'm sure it has hypercondriac mother across their notes, I never know whether make them tough it out or to go and see the doc etc etc and she was nice - she didn't say much but she said if they're ill to bring them, not to feel bad about that.

    I asked about them frequently having antibiotics being bad for their system, not building up immunity etc but she said that's not the case. The medical profession doesn't want the wider population having antibiotics for everything as it will mean the germs get resistant, but it's OK to treat people who need the help of antibiotics.

    So thank you - I'll grit my teeth, smile as much as I can and know it's normal for some of us and we'll pull through the other side, x
  • my dd was born at 32 weeks and apart from the initial antibiotics she had at birth she got to 2.5 without the need for antibiotics. she has had 2 lots on for tonsilitious and one for a chest infection. ds on the other hand was born at 40+4 and is now 20 weeks and just had his first lot for a chest infection. so i think it all depends ont the child tbh

  • Hi my LO was born at 32 weeks too and she's beena troper health wise, so i think it really depends on their condition when they arrive (she had no lung issues thank goodness) and on the babies themselves.. xx I hope they start to get better though?

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