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My 13 month old daughter cries at her bottle and some other feeds?

Hello ladies,

Although my daughter is 13 months old she is only the size of a 4 month and is about 6 months developmentally but normally she eats for England and loves her bottles.

She had her 1 year injections on Friday and when we got home i tried to offer her her afternoon bottle but she just cried. Didn't think anything of it as because she'd just had the injections i thought that maybe she was still upset.

She ate dinner ok later on and took her bottle fine (according to hubby as i was at work)

Saturday tea time though she just cried at her dinner, she eventually started taking it but was a struggle to start with but then when i went to give her her bedtime bottle she went hysterical!!

Sunday teatime was fine but once again hysterical/upset crying as soon as she saw her bottle.

Yesterday, she didn't eat much lunch at nursery, was sick in the afternoon after she had coughed loads (she seems to have caught cold after cold since Dec) and then refused her dinner with upset crying. She took her bedtime bottle but we had given her some calpol.

She is taking breakfast fine and eats almost the same amount as me at breakfast, she is happy in herself and babbles, smiles, laughs etc so i just don't know why she's suddenly started being like this with some of her meals and at all bottles?

Is it a phase?

Could the injections have caused something?

Could it be teething?


  • have you tried a beaker for her milk? is she maybe seeing others at nursery with one? could she be teething, both of mine go off their food when teething and my ds screamed at the bottle when they were coming through as it hurt to suck on it?

    hope shes better soon x
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