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Flying wth an 18month old! ek!!

Hi there! We're off on holiday in 2 weeks and I'm sick at the thought of going on the plane with my son! Does anyone have any ideas on how to keep him entertained and any ideas on how to avoid any sore ears during take off and landing? Thanks Ladies image


  • easy peasy! lol nearly 2 years ago,i went away with my DS1,he was 3 and twins who were 18 months old and we flew to the seychelles,a few tips,take lots of snacks,as for taking off and landing,only one of mine found it really painfull,does he have a dummy,if so,try and get him to suck it at these times or try and get him to have a drink,take books,colouring books ect.. his fav' toy,if its a night flight,then take his pj's and change him in to it,try and keep his routine going and there is always the telly,they have kiddie stuff on there and my main big tip! chack about meals,we asked if meals were included and they said yes and guess what they brought out for them,stage one jar food image i was gob smacked,so we had to share our meal with them 

  • omg! a stage one jar?! that's terrible!

    thanks for the tips! I'm off to put a 'fun plane bag' together! lol

  • Take a pillow with you. We put the armrest up between me and eh and dd was quite happy sitting between us.
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