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Two naps a day to one

Hi everyone,

I was just wondering when babies/toddlers go from two naps a day to one.

My DS is nearly 15 months old and currenly napping at 10 and 2 and is getting more and more reluctant to nap at 2, he ends up getting tired at about 3.30 which is a bit late in the day and would start impacting on his bedtime at 7.

What is the best way to get him to have one nap a day, and how do i go about implementing the change?

Thanks for your help and advise!


  • Hi, My son just made this transition. I gradually started keeping him awake for longer in the morning. Maybe begin with 10 minutes later each day until he can stay up till approx 11:45am. My son cut out his arvo sleep, but for the first few weeks i still put him in his cot to have some quiet time otherwise he was getting too grumpy in the late afternoons.

    Now he sleeps from 11:45ish till 1:15ish and wakes up chatting. I have been putting him to bed earlier (6:45pm) as he still gets very tired in the evenings.

    Eventually i hope he will sleep from 12pm-2pm and go back to 7pm bedtime.

    Hope this helps. x

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