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My Toddler is constipated

My 22 month old daughter hasn't done what I would call a 'proper' poo for about 5 days.  I thing she may be constipated.  She did do a very small, quite hard poo about three days ago but has done nothing since.  I've seen her trying to do a poo a few times today but with no success.  She's also been breaking wind a lot more than usual these last few days during which she sometimes pulls a face as though it's uncomfortable or hurting.  She's showing no signs of having stomachache or anything.  She's eating and drinking fine and she's got bags of energy.  She has a very balanced diet with lots of fruit and veg and she rarely eats junk food so I'm baffled as to why she's constipated.

I have tried giving her some gingerbread in the hope that this will help her along but I'm not sure what else I could try.  I would really appreciate any suggestions.  I haven't taken her to the doctors yet mainly because when she was a baby it wasn't unusual for her to go for about 5 days without moving her bowels.  I'll give it a couple more days and if she still hasn't gone I will take her as I'm starting to get a little concerned now.


  • hi hun we've never had this problem with our little boy charlie but a few of my friends children have and they have tried prune, cranberry or fresh orange juice or some have tried kiwi's. dont know if they will work for ur little one but its worth a shot, hope shes ok take care

    zoe x

  • Hello

    Hopefully she has done one now and it wont be a problem, my sister has a little boy max - 2 and he suffers like that quite often and she cant given him bananas or thats it!   The doctor gave her a syrup to give him which helps him along, he actually screams sometimes going as it is uncomfy.

    Anything high fibre I think will help,

    Take care


  • Hi thereimage gp will not take you seriously until it's been 2 weeks I think.....if diet good now,I suggest more water and either more fruit or chocolate,that's a laxative no child will say no to!

    I hope she goes and doesn't develop any pain bless her,if it's sore it could make her reluctant to 'go' perhaps chat to her about it also,but water and choc my advice,but Charmaine prob right high fibre is a good way to go,does she enjoy cereal? Could be worth a try?

    Hope she's ok x

  • My son had lots of problems with constipation as a toddler.Bananas were something that caused a problem with him.He couldn't eat those for a couple of years even though as a baby they hadn't seemed to cause a problem.Eggs are something else that ,if they eat them every day can do the same.It may be as simple as a certain food.

    Things that helped were lots of fresh veggies  and fruit.I used to make a puree of rhubarb with a spoon of brown sugar,he had that every day.I kept yogurts/milky puddings to once a day ,and only two 8 oz beakers of milk a day,but giving juice midmorning,and lunchtime and fresh juice mid afternoon.

    When it got really bad we had to give Califig three times a day,as it got to the point he was holding it becuase it hurt,and then it became a cycle,but he was older by then,I don't know if you can give that now.If it carries on you'd be better to see the doctor.

    Hope the problem clears up soon

  • Hi

    Thanks everyone for yuor advice.  She did actually manage to do a poo on Monday evening and she's been back to normal since then.  I will bear your tips in mind for future reference.

     Thanks again


  • Oh I'm pleased she's been! Bless her,load of your mind too x

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