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Toddler will only fall asleep in pram-help!

Please if someone has some advice on my 18 month old who will only fall asleep while being wheeled in her pram and sleeps through the night only in pram,when transferred into cot she'll stay there for up to two hours then wakes up wanting to be put back into her pram I really want her to sleep in a proper bed as shes becoming to big for her pram and tosses and turns all night please help!


  • It will take time & some patience but it essentially comes down to re-teaching LO where & how to fall asleep.  When you notice signs of tiredness take them to their bed & lay them down.  Reassure them that they are safe & sound in their bed ready for a nice sleep (you can even add lullabies, rhymes or stories as part of the 'ready to sleep' routine).  Sit beside the bed but avoid picking LO up (you need them to realise they are ok & able to sleep on their own).  Once they have mastered the initial settling down at bedtime, waking overnight they will be in that same place & so should resettle more easily.  Best wishes

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