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flying to australia with 15month old any tips?

Have just flown for 8 hours with an 11 month old and my top tips would be to give yourself plenty of time for everything - I know it sounds obvious but everything took longer with LO! To be super organised - know where everything is in your hand luggage so once on the plane you can put your hands on something very quickly. Rummaging in a bag for 10 mins with a screaming baby is no fun!

I found it totally fine and are now planning a longer flight. Also, don't stress about other passengers either - they were lovely to our face - who cares what they might have said afterwards!!! image



  • i went to the seychelles with DS1 and my twins,the best advice i can give you is,if you have a routine,try and stic to it as much as poss,so when its bed time,put pj's on and try and get your LO to sleep,also take lots of snacks,if LO has a dummy,make sure its in on take off and landing or give a drink in a bottle for them to suck,so it wont hurt there ears and my main tip is (the twins were 20 months old) we asked if they would have a meal,they said yes,they came out with stage 1 jar food,for a 20 month old,i was gob smacked and furious,we had to share our meals with them 

  • We flew to Greece when our baby was only 2 months old (we already had it pre-booked ages before for my sisters wedding and I really did not want to miss it).  Also we used to fly long haul with our son all over the place at least twice a year.  Great tips above.  I think most important is to stay calm and not worry about other passengers.  Kids can sense when you are stressed which can stress them out as well I think.  We used to treat the journey like a play time so our son had loads of fun travelling.  Good luck x

  • forgot to add,take fav' toys and if they like drawing,then buy some new crayons books ect 

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