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Hello Can anyone recommend some good learning applications for a 2 1/2 year old? He's an easily distracted toddler, and although he can count to 15 and knows his colours and shapes, books are becoming a bit of a chore as he won't sit down for long enough. But he is transfixed on my iPad when I get it out. Thanks in advance! xx


  • Thomas the tank engine has apps for drawing, puzzles and matching cards which keeps mt LO entertained.
  • we have, a story book called tickle finger, a cat and dog one that you talk to and they repeat what you said, theres a monkey one that comes with a train and you have to collect items, swampy the crocodile where you have to get water into his bath, ABC123 which has lots of different games such as matching, counting etc, cant remember all the names of the apps but we got them all in the free apps category x

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