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Help! Toddler Anxieties

I nanny 23 month old twins (boy and girl). I have been working with them for 5 weeks now and they have been wonderful! For the past two weeks the boy has become more clingy, wanting to be held often (his mother has noticed this as well). Within the past two days he has displayed separation anxiety when his mom or dad try to leave for work in the morning, though calms down within a few seconds after they have left. He has also been resisting naptime these past couple days where before he would gladly lay down to sleep. Is this separation anxiety? Is there anything I or the parents can do to ease his anxieties? 


  • Toddler anxiety is something that is only really being brought to people's attention recently. Up until now many believed that anxiety in child age groups was a fallacy, and merely a cover up for badly behaved children.Adult Sex Toys

  • At 23mths of age it could be a combination of seperation anxiety & the 'terrible twos'.  The twins are of the age where they will be becoming more aware of reactions/emotions around them & will 'test' their boundaries to try to manipulate the grown ups to do things the way the children want them done.  For the larger part it comes down to distractions (if you know mom/dad is about to leave for work ask child to do a puzzle/game) & ignoring undesirable behaviour whilst praising desirable behaviour.

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