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My baby girl is staying away from home for first time!

My dd is 2 and tomorrow will be the very first time she's ever slept over anywhere and she's going away with my parents for the whole weekend!! I'm sooooo worried I've seen her every day since the day she was born and most of her life I've put her to bed! I know she'll love the experience.....but I'm dreading it. Feel so sad and anxious and worried. 45 miles away isn't that far but it might as well be a million miles how worried I feel. image Anyone else understand what I mean? X


  • Does she see your parents regularly? If so, I bet she had a ball. My son regularly stays with my parents (also a good hours drive away) from Fridays until Sunday's and while it was a struggle for us to relax at first, we soon got used to it and made it a regular thing (once a month).

    So how did she get on?

  • She loved it!! She had such a good time that she wanted to go back twenty mins after she got home. She was very tired though so super moody image

    The first night for me was awful I really thought I might just go and get her but then it got easier.

    Yeah she she's them every week .

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