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20 month old with squint

Hi all Took my dd to her appt at the Orthoptics clinic this morning re a possible squint on her left eye. To be honest I didn't think it was that bad so was shocked when after all the tests the doctor declared he was giving her a prescription for glasses. She has to wear them as much as possible & we will be seen again in 2 months. I don't know how I'm going to get a 20 month old to wear them/keep them on and feel quite upset about the whole thing! Obviously I want it treated and know this is best for her but it's just come as a bit of a shock. Does anyone have a lo that's had a squint treated or had to wear glasses to help correct it? I'm just really hoping its going to work and her vision will be ok at the end of it. She's only little! image x


  • I know my friends son had this really early on. I can't remember how she encouraged him to keep his glasses on but after about 18 months he didn't need them anymore. He is now 8 and his eyes seem fine although he may need glasses in the future but i would say most children do before their eyes correct themselves.Better to get it sorted early then hopefully it will not get any worse.

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