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I hate myself for this but I can't let my son go to bed hungry......... I made a lovely tuna and tomato meal, annabel Carmel recipie. Really tasty, he normally enjoys it but lately is obsessed with bread and toast. I resisted giving him a yogurt after his dinner for an hour asking him to have one more spoonful then he could have one. He refused so I said you can have toast and if you eat that you can have a yogurt. I hate myself for setting myself up for the exact same behaviour next time. I just know if he doesn't eat anything he will wake up in the night starving. What should I do just give him toasted sandwiches and bread until he grows out of it or insist on him eating the lovely healthy meals I have prepared knowing he won't eat it??? I never normally offer alternatives but I know he will be hungry........ He will happily eat picky food like sausage, chicken nuggets, potato shapes things like that but has stopped eating our food spag bol, cauliflower cheese, chilli etc Any tips, words of wisdom for me?? Thanks xxxx


  • Hi Choc, how old is DS?

    It is highly common during the terrible twos/nearing three for children to start knowing what they would like to happen & what they don't want.  This covers a multitude of things from playing games, watching telly & eating, if it isn't happening the way they want they will tell us so.

    The dilema as you so rightly point out is that with food it is more difficult to resolve.  You don't want to give in to them not having healthy nutritious meals but you also don't want them waking overnight with hunger pains because they have not eaten.

    Much as I hate to admit it children respond well to bribery.  You will need to be firm in following through what you say but giving a choice such as 'If you eat the yummy pasta you can have yogurt after, if you only eat the toast then you can have a cup of milk instead' will often help them by not only giving them the added power of choosing what they want but (if you choose the right combinations) secretly getting the choice you want made.  Best wishes & good luck.

  • KazzieM thanks for your reply. D'S is 20 months so just starting to learn how to manipulate situations! I am so desperate not to give him the wrong signals and let him get away with things. I just know I'll be setting myself up for a future nightmare!!

    Defo agree with you and offering choice and rewarding with a yogurt (one of his favourite things).

    Thank you!

  • Try not to give in! he will soon realise that he will not get his own way and that if he does not eat what he is given he won't get anything else. I know its hard! also try involving him more with his food. I sometimes prep the ingredients, put an apron on my eldest and let her help 'cook'. and get creative with presentation.sometimes make him feel like he is making a choice. I will give my LO two options sometimes or choose the veg we will all eat. if all else fails instead of bribing him with the promise of a reward if he eats, tell him he wont get something, like no dessert, or favourite TV show..that usually works! good louck!

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