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Need advice! My 16 month old screams every time we bath her. It’s been happening over the last couple of weeks. We went to my parents for a little break and bathed her when we was there and she screamed since then. We have no idea why. We did everything we usually did but she just seemed to turn since then. We try toys, singing, water temp, even sometimes getting in with her, but she just seems to cling to me and won’t let go making it almost impossible to bathe her. What is causing her to do this, how can we get her to enjoy her bath again. We tried running water with the shower but she just doesn’t seem to like it. PLEAAE HELP!! she always loved her baths, and cried when it was over. Now it's the opposite!


  • hey, our little man used to scream the house down when we bathed him and suddenly stopped around 2 months ago! (he's just over 2 now) could be a phase? just be as reassuring as possible for her and make sure she feels safe when in there image as i'm sure you already do! x

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