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14 month old wandering off :(

hun don 't beat yourself me it happens..i had to nip to the shops to get something..and came back to find a warden and women trying to call the police as id left my little one in the car..i drove as fast as i could lol!!! it happens..


  • It happens hun. Don't beat yourself up. We used to leave our front door unlocked. Ds2 when he was about 22m discovered he could open the door! He was also in the road with a car stopped for him. Like you i was so upset. Since then we lock the doors, keep keys out of reach (now 3 ds2 can unlock doors too) and my Fil made a gate which i insist is always shut. Tough when it is shared! Hugs hun. Xxx
  • Oh Alfie, that must have been horrible, but it doesn't make you a bad parent! Everyone makes mistakes and i'm sure you won't let it happen again. I left the stair gate open by mistake just the other day and came back to see Ryan sitting at the top of the stairs looking at me and grinning. Thankfully i'd only popped downstairs for a second, hate to think if i'd been longer. I've not told hubby about that either! xxx

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