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Being spiteful

My daughter is 33 months old and recently out of no where she has started being really nasty to family members and people she knows. she wont go near them and just screams and shouts if they try to cuddle or pick her up,how ever she is fine with me. 

im just wondering if anyone has had a problem like this and can give me some advice on what to do? i would really appreciate any help thank you =] x


  • Sometimes adults can be a bit overwhelming for toddlers, they invade their personal  space in a way they would never do with other adults.  It might be worth asking people to back off a little bit - still talk to her but not force cuddles on her or pick her up without her consent.  She is at an age where she doesn't want to be a baby all the time so might just be objecting to being treated as one - I assume she is independently mobile so possibly wants her independence rather than being picked up and moved without her being in control.

    Good luck x

  • Sadly it is that awkward age 'terrible twos' where they start recognising emotions, start knowing what they like/dislike, grow more determined in getting what they want and how to work on people to achieve it.

    It will largely come down to finding the method that works for you and having everyone stick by it but generally it comes down to rewarding good behaviour and ignoring unwanted behaviour (the more wound up/cross you get the more they will use it) unless they are causing physical harm (stop any biting/kicking/punching/etc...).  Best wishes and good luck.

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