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unsociable 20 month old

Hello all,

Just wondering if anyone is going through this? My OH thinks there is something wrong with our DS but I think he is worrying for nothing.

He is very clingy to me anyway at the moment and when we are in a crowded room, he clings to me. If anyone comes near him, tries to talk to him or anything he shouts mummy mummy and smacks me.

My mum, my OH mum and a friend each have him a day a week while I go to work and he is fine when he goes there but sometimes even when he sees them at other times he just doesn't want to know. It is generally when there is a crowd there. I think my OH worries because our friends DS is a little older but is completely different he loves the attention of everyone.

It doesn't bother me too much apart from a couple of our more sensitive friends keep saying, he doesn't like me. And I know that just isn't the case but I can't explain it when he is doing it every time!

I have taken him to softplays since he was small and the last few months he has started clinging to me there as well?

Anybody else going through the same?



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