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Hi there im new to this website


Just needed some advice from mums who may have had this problem and solved it!!! Basically my (nearly)2 year old has starting smacking quite a lot when he is frustrated, tired etc and i have tried a few things but nothing seems to work or maybe ive not done it for long enough. If he doesnt get his own way with smacking then he will head but the floor, my leg, a wall, basically anything.


I have firstly tried the naughty step technique but he seems to like the step (only my child would like it) ha


I then tried ignoring him but he just carries on and i dont know how long to wait before i talk to him again...ive tried asking him afterwards to say 'sorry' but he wont not sure whether he can yet really never heard that word...Also tried taking him out of the room and placing him in teh hallway where he cries but again how long do i wait...there are so many ways but i would like to hear of people that have possibly been in the same boat....

Thankyou xx


  • My girls never done this but my brothers little one don't this for ages they tryed every thing & finaly after he had kicked off for over 40 mins my brother just held him tight so he couldn't get his arms out ( but obviously not to tight lol ) he sat on the carpet with him for 5 mins & just asked him to calm down so daddy can talk to him .... It actually worked & he's only done it twice since !! It's worth a try or try a star chart kids love them with a treat at the end of the week or weekend ( toy from pound shop or trip to the park would do the job ) best of luck & stay strong xx
  • Brilliant i shall give that a go, like the idea of the reward chart xxxx

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