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Hello Everyone,

I have some concerns about my 28 month old son and I was wondering if I am a little overprotective or if there is cause for concern.

He was born at 36 weeks, and began to develop normally. I am concerned with his speech. He says about 70-80 words and uses them correctly. He only say one 2 word sentence "bye daddy". He trys so hard to express himself, but it's mostly babble. But he really feels like he is having a conversation with you. He will point to something of interest, or bring me to show me something or something he wants.

 He understands most of everything I tell him or ask him to do. He loves to help me with the cooking, cleaning, he often pretends he is sweeping the floor or talking on the phone. It concerns me whem he doesn't respond to his name when he's watching t.v. Is this normal or do toddlers always respond to their names?

He uses gestures, waves, high five, blows kisses, nods, etc. He points to pictures when asked. He interacts well with others, some much as you can for being 2. He's got great eye contact and loves to sit in my arms and play with my hair. He gives hugs and kisses.

Am I being crazy here? Looking at what I have written, it seems like he is a normal 2 year old. He has meltdowns when he doesn't get his way or when I tell him no, he loves cartoons, going for walks, playing, reading books. Sometimes he flaps his arms when upset, but I've seen this many times. With so much concern about Autism these days, it's hard not to be concerned. Maybe I am seeing something that's not there. I think I am troubled because my cousin's son is 3 months older and has been talking in sentences since he's been 20 months.

Some advice would be nice, thanksimage


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