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Is my 2 year old too clever?

I was surprised to find my 20 months old knew 18 of his 26 alphabet phonics when i first went through them.Now at age of 26 months he knows all 26 phonics n words that sound with each one. Aaaa apple bbbb ballll ssssss snake. He can count to 10 n recognise the numbers in any order. He is learning 11 to 20 but missing numbers out. He knows 12 colours n shapes... Square, triangle, rectangle, circle, star, heart, diamond..semi circle, hexagon..pentagon!!! And how has my brainy boy learnt all this.... iPad apps, you tube kids video. But the boy can't talk. He can't put string of sentence together except 'open the door' where r u? He also knows n can point at face features, has learnt twinkle twinkle n baa black sheep and the ABC song all rhe way to z! so not sure where I can go from here. Think nursery can help him?
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