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Throwing cups

Hi My toddler is now 18 months and for about 5 months he has been throwing his cups. Initially I wasn't worried and we ignored him so as not to reward with attention and he was so young. Now he is older we want to bring in some consequences for breaking rules. So plan to have a couple of rules like 'no hitting', 'no throwing' etc but not sure how much he can understand. I've been trying o avoid 'no' and instead just say slowly and seriously 'don't throw' to keep it simple and understandable but its bit working so far. What do you do? Would love to hear suggestions. image


  • Hi Tuliprose,

    Apart from the odd temper tantrums that see us forget (we throw evrything when in strop mode) a simple firm 'NO' followed by a demonstration of the desired behaviour (mummy/daddy PUTTING the cup down) usually gets the result.  They learn by example so the more LO sees you demonstrate what should be done the more they will start to copy.

    You're right in keeping words simple 'Don't throw' rather than 'No, we don't throw our cup' is easier for them to relate to.  To a large extent imagine you're training a dog (a lot of the same principles come into play with showing how & praising when they get it right).  Best wishes & good luck

  • Thanks for the reassurance.

    Still working on it. Sometimes he pushes as he thinks its funny so at that point we simply avoid eye contact and don't communicate until he is over it. Then we reward with attention and no tempers.
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