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Baby number 2

Hi all I'm new here and would love some feedback / advice on baby no 2! Is it really more than twice as hard with two babies??!!!!! My mum seems to think so and it's making me anxious, but I am so desperate for another baby to add to our little brood. My daughter is two and a half, what am I letting myself in for???? Lol X


  • Hi Lisa,

    I have a 21mth age gap between my 2 girls.  There are challenges having 2 close in age such as entertaining your eldest whilst trying to feed your youngest, changing/cleaning/bathing 2 in place of one, putting 2 to bed, getting 2 ready to go out...

    Is it hard?...It generally comes down to how you handle it, you manage because you have to & you'll probably find you become more strict upon routines but for the extra hard work you get the extra rewards of seeing 2 happy, smiling faces & getting all those extra cuddles.

    In short, as long as you know your limits, don't be afraid to ask for help/support from friends & family when you need it & you'll manage just fine.  Best wishes.

  • Hi

    I have been wondering the same. Especially because we had a complicated start last time and no family nearby to help.

    But equally I think the knowledge and experience gained in having your first must make you more relaxed about some things. The hard part seems to be juggling two that have different needs. For me the 'right' gap seems to be the balance between difficulty if younger babies that need more attention and physical support versus them being so far apart thy they then need very different things.

    As we have no family nearby we have said we will go for a bigger gap and will ask some family to stay nearby around the time next one is due.

    I think I will be a lot less stubborn and fussy about who helps next time.

    I will no doubt be better at ignoring my mother in laws comments. image
  • Kazzie - tour advice is great. Honest and simple
  • Thanks for your reply kazzie! X
  • Lisa - do you think you will go for it? image

    Looks as though you would have a 3.5-4 year gap which might be nice.
  • Nice thread as i was wondering just the same. I have a 3 year old who is very hard work but we are considering child number 2!!!

  • My lo will be just over 4.5 when number 2 comes along. I think it's a perfect gap for us as she'll be settled in at school by next feb so I can have day time with baby and evening with my daughter x

  • It is really hard in the beginning, but eventually they get to the age where they can actually start helping take care of the other kids and that is something great. I don't know how it could be done with just two parents, when one is at work most of the time. Best of luck!



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