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Taking a toddler on a flight

Hi does anyone have any tips for going on a flight with a toddler and have you found taking a special bag just for them is a good idea any suggestions for a good one


  • hi hun

    we flew to south africa for 2 weeks over easter with our 20 month old son. it was A LOT of traveling. we flew via frankfurt so had a layover there and then while in south africa we flew to cape town for a few days, so 6 separate flights in 2 weeks, incl 2 10h flights over night. it wasnt half as bad as i was expecting despite the fact that we missed our connecting flight on the way there due to massive delays and had to spend a night at a hotel. i found that our little boy was absolutely fascinated by watching the planes and busses and everything so he kept himself entertained at the airport. in addition to our diaper bag we packed him his own little backpack with toys for the plane. we have a skip hop one. the hardest part was actually those time when you had to stay seated (ie taxi, take-off and landing). thats when the toys came in pretty handy but he still wanted to get down and walk. otherwise it really was fine. we have a travel stroller which you can hand in literaly at the gate before you board and get back as soon as you get off the plane. a lot easier than checking it in. we have the peg perego pilko mini.
    also pack an extra set of clothes regardless of how short the flight. we had a few drink spills. we made sure we sat as far to the front as possible, preferably with nobody sitting next to you as its just easier the more space you have.
    hope you have a lovely trip x

  • Thanks for the tips hun I will deffinately let her take her own bag and pack a separate bag for clothes etc, I let her choose her own and this is what she wants
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