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Toddler refusing to go to bed

Hello ladies, I'm hoping one of you can offer some advice.  My little girl is 2yr 3 months and has been in a toddler bed since christmas.  Until this week she's generally gone to bed fine, and won't get out of bed unless we're in the room.  I knew it couldn't  last image 

For the last week she's been an absolute terror going to bed, won't stay in, when we try to talk her back in she just laughs at us.  Tried nap (in case over tired), no nap doesn't seem to make a difference. 

Anyone got any tips on how to deal with this?  Thanks xx 


  • Is it safe for her to play in her room alone? I mean when my lil girl got like this I just made sure her room was safe, stair gate n that n nothing to climb up or on to, and if she refused to go bed id just leave her and 9 times out if ten shed play for a bit and then get bored and go to bed Prob when she realised I wasn't going to come upstairs to see her. She still does it sometimes now but tends to lie in bed reading a book or singing and talking to her toys lol. But she goes go off eventually. I'm sure the ladies will have lots of other tips and suggestions though but this worked for me, Theyre all different. She's a nightmare sleeper just like I was as a kid xxx

  • I do the same thing that LH86 does. And like she said, it's more of a rare thing when she won't end up going to bed. Also just make sure that she will be alright if she shares a room with anybody, because sometimes from my experience there can be quite the adventure between the two of them while you are gone! LOL! Best of luck!



  • Thanks ladies, have dug the staircase out of the loft, but she's had a sickness bug for the last couple of days, so has crashed out at bedtime.  I shall be prepared when she feels better though! 

  • Hey Mrs_ELF I remember you from dif 2010. My little boy was born on 15th Feb image

    how are things with your little one now? We had the exact problem. He moved into his big bed at Christmas and at first he wouldn't get out until we went in in the morning. Then he realised he could explore there was no stopping him! The main problem was he began falling asleep behind the door so I'd have to try and push it open and ask him to move!! This went on for a few weeks trying lots of different things, stars for his chart etc. In the end dh would leave the door open and sit outside with his back to him and day by day close the door a little bit more. It worked in about 4-5 days image 


    Our other problem was him waking up at 6am and crying so we now put a box of toys in his room whilst he is asleep and lay them out for him so he can play in the morning. This has been brilliant image


    Be good to hear how things are going



  • Yeah when he gets better from his sickness, be sure to let us know whether your technique worked or not. It would be great to get some more ideas!



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