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Toddler starting to wake very early

Hi ladies,

I'm looking for a bit if advice. 

My toddler used to wake around 7am like clockwork but it seems to be getting earlier and for the past two weeks it has been 5am. 


Clearly something has changed so I want to pad jut things so he is getting enough reat (and we are too!) 

At first I suspected he was hungry so I made sure he had a snack with his milk after nursery but this hasn't done much. Then he had had teething up and down and although a calpol helped him nap one time it didn't at others and he is still waking up early. 

MUCH am now wondering if he is just ready to drop a nap. Annoyingly nursery out him down after lunch but at home after his nursery week he still really needs two naps. On other days we tend to let him nap in the car in the morning if travelling elsewhere and he generally survives ok in the afternoon without a nap. 

He has a blackout blind which is not completely flush I the window so some lifringes in and from the landing too but I think oats reasonably dark. Maybe as the nights draw in again it will improve?

So now I feel that we should try one nap. But yesterday we ditched the afternoon nap as he had a big two hour morning one but he was tired as usual free lunch. I suppose maybe we should try the nursery routine but to actually be able to go out we would need to be up quite early before him so we are home to nap after lunch. Then the afternoon would be mostly gone. 


Has anyone else had this and found anything useful to try or did you leave it and things settled naturally?

Definitely some very tired parents right now!


  • Get black out curtains for going on top  of the blind. My toddler has tarted waking before 6 but luckily my husband gets up with him. Hes a blackout blind but not cutains. My Pre-schoolers room is very dark, she has both, and she sleeps much longer. 

  • Try darkening the room as it will be lighter earlier at present.  It is also very 'humid' overnight at present so less or no covers with summery pjs may see LO sleep better (our girls are both in t-shirts & shorts with simply 1 sheet for covers & sleep through 7.30pm-7.30am).  It is set to get warmer still in the coming week so it may even be prudent to have a small fan on in the bedroom (we sleep better at temps 17-18degrees celsius).  Best wishes & good luck. X

  • I agree. I would definitely go for lighter sleeping pajamas because it will be pretty hot, and when the sin comes and shines on them in the morning the temperature can raise quickly and they will wake up. Best of luck!



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