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2 year old not sleeping!

Hi, I really need some advice as going mad from lack of sleep, my son is 2yrs 1month old, when in a cot he slept great around 8-8 every night although he cried every night he settled himself very quickly and very rarely woke in night. However since changing to a bed a month ago ( we did t hav a choice as he started climbing out of his cot) it has been A nightmare. After a week of little sleep for all of us he finally started sleeping in it from about 9-6.30 , not as good as before but not awful. However this last week has been back to square one, no idea why but he is pointblank refusing to go to sleep its been after 10pm every night this week then he's waking around 3am in a terrible staTe, screaming, pushing me away and taking up to 2 hours to settle then up at 7.30. Then he (and me!) are in a terrible mood all day because we're so tired but he's even refusing to nap unless it's in the car but it's too hot to leave him in there. 

It's like he has developed a fear of his bed, I have stuck to a routine of bath, story and milk in bed then offer to go in his bed with him or lie on floor until he'sasleep which was working but now he doesn't want to know he just goes beserk as soon as his milk and story are over and gets in such a state and over tired. I d


  • Oops sent too early! I don't know why this has suddenly started happening there have beennon changes except it being so hot at night, could the be it? I am 20 weeks pregnant also ad working shifts  so really need my sleep, i am not enjoying my time with him as mich as I should as I am just so knackered and frustrated image any advice much appreciated! X

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