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texture trouble!!

Hi! My 13 month old has suddenly refused to eat soft textured foods, including foods she has enjoyed and eaten regularly before (including yoghurts! Gasp!!). When offered such food she will spit it out straight away, blow raspberries (in the case of yoghurt) or just test how soft it is in her fingers and then hand it to me or throw it off the high chair!  I am still offering her soft foods to try but am having to give her firmer option. Has anyone else experienced this?


  • My lo has just turned 1 and decided he no longer likes rice pudding! Twice I have ended up eating his dessert for him (not that I mind) do they all become fussy when they get past 12 months??!!

  • They all start to go through these types of phases when they get a bit older, some more than others, but its totally normal (if not somewhat trying at times!), so don't worry. My LO is going through a stage with lumpy textures at the moment, her latest thing is either removing all the food from her mouth with her fingers (with a look of distain on her face!) or just slowly pushing it all out with her tongue back on to the plate! yuk!

  • That sound lovely! lol

  • my little one started not liking lumpy textures after he got ill about a month ago and just pushed the lumps and bits out his mouth with his tongue. He is back into eating his normal food again, but it did take time. I kept trying to give him lumpy foods and if he didn't have it I would then make it smooth and he would then eat it!

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