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Pull ups at night?

My son is 2 and a half and we are currently in the midst of potty training I have him in pants both day and night but he wets the bed without waking and gets very restless this is causing disruptive nights for him and wanted to know whether I should put him into pull ups at night or would this result in regressive behaviour and undo all the progress of our daytime training? Any advice gratefully received potty training is driving me potty!!


  • My daughters 4 and  has been in pull ups at night since we started and she's been dry for years in the day now. I can't be bothered with the constant washing of sheets and sore bottom as she would wet the bed every night without these. And I don't think pushing her will do any good as she's about to start school. I think they get dry at night in their own time so I don't see a problem with it chick, I mean they make bed time pants for older kids even in to their teens so others must be doing it (obviously I would want her dry waaay before then!) but she loves to go bed with a little cup of milk it's her comfort thing and I don't see the point in taking that away from her just yet, they ain't kids for long are they! X

  • Awe thank you that helps we have put him into pull ups tonight and will do from now on in the evenings until he is dry I felt the same but the original advice I got made it sound so bad that I didn't want to be doing anything wrong or detrimental xx
  • I don't think there's a right or wrong way, they all go at their own pace don't they. I'd rather know my daughter was getting a good nights sleep and was dry and comfortable , as long as hes not in them in the day I don't see it affecting the progress you've made so far x

  • i found pull ups leak at night, so use a proper nappy for sleeping, and pull ups for going out, and pants when at home. He's 2.75 years old. 

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