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18 month old want eat

Hi there. Is anyone's toddler refusing to eat a proper meal? He will have a few spoonful of his meal and then spit the rest out on to his hand and squidge it through his fingers. He even does it with his yoghurt. He will sit and eat curry noodles, he will eat a full bowl of them but not anything else, he would rather play with it. He drinks plenty of water/juice but I don't think he eating enough and he can't live on noodles. Please tell me I'm not alone on this and it's just a faze xxx


  • Don't worry you are not alone! Most toddlers will go through this! It is important that you do not give in, giving him foods such as noodles that he will eat all the time, though, as iit will be harder to change his behaviour as he will know he will get his way in the end. Continue giving him normal meals, and if he keeps spitting it out take the food away, don't force it, as you know, LOs can be stubborn little things!  if he gets hungry again after initially refusing the meal, offer it again, give him praise when he does eat it. Letting him watch you prepare his meals or getting him involved, and playing games involving trying new foods, will help him through this too. image

  • Thanks for your reply. Will try what you've said. Wish me luck ????
  • Don't know why them ? Are coming up :/
  • Lol! You are welcome! Good luck and let me know How you get on. image

  • He seems to be eating better now. Make a huge fuss of him being a good boy when he's eating and and he's finishing all his dinner. Thanks for your advice
  • I'm so glad to here he is eating better! You are very welcome. image

  • Thats great things are working out for you image my little one has just turned one and is starting to get fussy after always being a good eater. Im hoping it not the start of things to come!

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