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Choosing duvet/pillow for 2 year old

Hi ladies,

Hope you are all well and sutviving terrible twos image

We have just bought our son a toddler bed and now need to get a duvet and pillow to fit.  He is only just two and hasn't had either before.  He has been in a top sheet and blanket/coverlet without a pillow in his cot.

I wondered if anyone knows of any dos and donts with duvets and pillows such as thickness, material etc.  I see there are all sorts of makes and styles and fillings avaiable and want to keep the cost down but ultimately don't want to buy a pillow with say something that is quite artificial and might aggraveate allergies, give him neck ache etc.


Any advice very gratefully received. x


  • Hey,

    I found some on mothercare which are anti dust mite, anti allergen etc and thin so I am guessing this is a good option.  Not too expensive wither at around £10-£13 depedning on whether you choose cot or single bed size.

    Thanks for reading anyway and hope this one helps someone elseimage

  • This has helped me TulipRose! Thank you image

    My 19 month will be going into her own room over the next few months, as I am pg with baby no.2, so need the cot. We are contemplating putting her into a toddler bed when she moves, but she's still in a sleeping bag, so not sure how she'd feel to have a new room, bed and then a duvet and pillow on top of that!!


  • Hi mrsyorke.

    Could you do it in stages? Maybe get her in the sheets and duvet. Then te bed. And then the pillow ?

    In my view the pillow is really unnecessary so you can add it whenever she wishes. My ds has pillows at nursery so he is used to then for naps.
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