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2 year old terrified of strangers!

Hi all,


I'm new here but am hoping someone can set my mind at ease.  I have a 2year old little girl.  At home she is happy (well mainly, apart from the terrible two's tantrums!!!) and outgoing when it is just me and my husband or my mum.  The problem we have is that she is painfully shy around anyone else and in most cases will just cry when they try to speak to her and will cling to me as if she's terrified of them.  The strangest one is my dad, she's seen my dad every week since she was born and suddenly she has decided she's afraid of him and hides from him and cries if he tries to talk to her.  I am trying to work with her on thsi one and take her to two playgroup sessions a week ( where I stay with her) but it's starting to really get me down.  Take today for example, we went out and she was fine adn running around but then a man said something to her as he walked by and smiled adn she fell to bits, sobbing and hiding her face!

She is due to go to playgroup soon on her own and I just can't see how it wll work! Any advice/shared experencies would be much apprechiated.


Thanks everyone x


  • my youngest dd was awful to the piont i thought she had autism she would refuse to speak to people only answere me in a whisper in public,not play with other children at tots groups and hit out at them if they came near her!!! 

    i was really worried but she started playgroup beging of sept and is getting lots better she is still shy but getting there. give her time she is only two which is very young still a baby really 


  • THanks so much for replying puddy.  I know she is only a little one really but I do worry so much about this and so want' her to feel comfortable around people so she can relax and enjoy life. 


    I really apprechiate the response xx

  • How is your little one now they are older? Mine is doing the same!

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