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cows milk

My lo turned one last week so is now able to have cows milk but I'm a little nervous about introducing it. He is breast fed and has never taken to formula or even drinking expressed milk from a bottle. How did you introduce cows milk to your little ones? Any ideas on what cup I should use? At what feed should I start giving him cows milk?


  • Jodie- Lou, 

    You can start by giving him a little cows milk in his feeder cup. If you are still breast feeding you don't actually need to introduce it until you are ready to wean him of the boob. 

    If you are ready to wean of the breast you could try the feeder cup in the day and give a bottle at night before bed for comfort. Don't be rushed into coming of the bresat if you are not ready.

    What are you nervous about? 

    What ever you do, don't get sucked into 'follow on' milk, which is a marketing trick and is not needed for babies after 12 months (or 6 months for that matter - just normal formula will do until ready for Cows milk). 

  • I started with 75% formula 25% milk in her bottle, then went 50/50 then a week later 25/75 then 100% cows milk. So maybe you could try a mix of breast and cows milk in a bottle or cup. Loads cheaper than follow on milk x

  • I think im more nervous about giving up brest feeding than the thought of actually giving him cows milk. He feeds so well and we have had a brilliant experience. My other half wants me to stop now he is one image I think I will give his cows milk from a cup in the day but continue with his breast feed in the morning and evening until I am ready to wean him off

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