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Going Nutty!

At what age can you start introducing different nuts to children? I eat a lot of curries containing nuts and I normally would let my LO now have the same foods as me but I am uncertain as to the guidlines on nuts and nutty flavours


  • Hi jodie-lou! It can depend, if there is a history of asthma or ezcema in the family trying nuts, especially peanuts, should be avoided until over 12 months and talking to your GP before hand is advised in this case. Some authorities say giving LO smooth peanut butter from 6 months is ok, if there is no history of allergies, but you should always err on the side of caution! after 12 months you could introduce meals and foods with ground nuts or finely chopped nuts. Whole nuts are not advised to be given to children under 5 years due to choking hazards. Hope this helps! image

  • Thanks thinkwiess image he turned 1 a few weeks ago so ill try something with ground nuts and see how we get. As far as I know there is no history of allergies, asthma or ezcema so fingers crossed

  • Have you tried any nuts yet? We are part of a research project called the EAT study which are looking into if you introduce allergy foods earlier then the children may not get the allergy. My hubby has allergies to fish & nuts but we introduced all allergy foods (including fish & peanut butter) by the end of my daughters 1st month of weaning. Try a bit of peanut butter without introducing anything else new (like other new food or new washing powder or new soap) & keep an eye. Good luck

  • Hi blackkat that study sounds really interesting, ill have a look at your link. I made a pasanda with ground almonds last night and he loved dunking his naan bread in it. Ive brought some smooth peanut butter but have not plucked up the courage to try it yet

  • I have only tried nuts once with my son and we had no problems, but then there is no family history of nut allgergy. I made a creamy veg pie and I ground up cashew nuts into a paste and then added it to the cheesy white sauce I made. Good luck

  • Peanut butter (either on its on or on toast) seems to be a hit with my LO - we are fortunate though as there is no family history of allergies.

    Also, sometimes the recommendations round nuts are about the choking hazard of whole nuts.

    Enjoy image

  • I have finally been brave enough to let marley try peanut butter and he was fine image im not sure he was that impressed by the taste but at least there was no bad reaction

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