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stair gate for bedroom door

had a few awful nights now lo is in a bed. can't live like this  image tried  both our stair gates on his bedroom door and they're too friend's travel one is too big as well. What do other people use? x


  • Are you trying to keep your lo in their room, or out of yours? As long as the top of the stairs is well secured, it shouldn't matter that they pop out of their room from time to time.

  • We too had a lindam one on lo bedroom door so she could sleep in a bed and play up there safely, it was the one we used downstairs originally then at top of stairs then eventually her room so it fit all sorts of different size door frames, as didn't want her getting in to the bathroom or wandering around on the landing X

  • thanks ladies. it does matter he isn't wandering around at night, one night he tried to run a bath, plus we would never keep him in his bed if he didn't think there were some restraints. We managed to get an extra narrow tippitoes one off amazon - its fab and holds better than our stairgate x we've had some sleepless nights but he got a cough at the same time.starting to do better now. x I think our door might have been narrower than usual x

  • Good stuff, I agree I still wouldn't want my lo running about on the landing n she's 4 and a half now! X

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